Range Hoods

Range Hoods
Descriptions of FOTILE Kitchen Range Hoods
To keep a clean and clear kitchen, you might want to consider installing a kitchen range hood before you start dining out every meal.
You can find a wide selection of kitchen vent hoods (extractor hoods) at FOTILE. Kitchen chimney hoods (wall mount hoods), kitchen island hoods, downdraft hoods, kitchen side hoods, slide out hoods, custom hoods, we have them all.

Features of FOTILE Kitchen Range Hoods

-Less obstruction and more suction power
The air outlet radius of FOTILE kitchen range hood is double that of the inlet, so the kitchen range hood has a smooth airflow.
The design also creates low resistance and back flow of air in turn maximizing the hoods extraction power.
It is also the key of low noise level FOTILE kitchen range hoods.

-Good oil separation of FOTILE Range Hood
FOTILE invents clean & clear filter by using tile principium in Chinese classical architecture.
It can notably improve filter's oil separation, reduce wind resistance effectively, and greatly extend cleaning period of the filter.

Rectification technology, adsorb and exhaust fume more effectively

This technique, on the basis of COANDA effect, can help the kitchen range hood adsorb and exhaust fume more effectively and make cleanness of the kitchen range hood easier, keep elegant for a long time.

FOTILE has engineered details into each and every kitchen ventilation hood. Starting with powerful and quiet fans that know when to turn themselves on to high CFM that give you the performance you demand. Select a cooker hood provides ventilation for air circulation and expunges unwanted odors. Welcome to choose our kitchen range hoods.