Electric Ovens

Electric Ovens
Descriptions of FOTILE Electric Ovens

3D circulatory baking technology enable our electric ovens have better cooking results
FOTILE 3D(Three Dimensional ) circulatory baking technology satisfies the cooking requirement for all kind of food. Convection fan is also available in FOTILE Electric Ovens.

No flavor transfer
FOTILE electric ovens applied advanced convection system, so the oven enables different food items to be cooked together without flavor transfer.

Precise temperature control
FOTILE electric ovens adopted the optimum cavity design, so uniformly cooking temperature is guaranteed.
KQD50F-01, KQD50F-02 ovens adopt the platinum temperature probe, which can ensure the temperature deviation within ±1℃, thus reached the precise temperature control.

Easy to use
With the versatile menu, all you have to do is to select the cooking function, time and temperature; so our ovens are simple to use.